Loft Conversions – Add Value And Space To Your House

As our families grow many people are looking to move to bigger homes. Why move out, when you can move up! A loft conversion in Surrey may give you the extra space your growing family needs. A loft conversion can give anything from a new single bedroom right through to a master bedroom with en-suite; This would be the perfect place for parents to have their own little get-a-way.

When you add more space to your house, you can have a less crowded living area. This will depend on the improvement, but the smallest of improvements can help a lot with things like storage. The addition of a bathroom can make a big difference, too.

But the thing about loft conversions is that they don’t come cheap. The parts you need – e.g. the joints, the joists, the lighting, the loft ladder, and the access hatch, among others – are expensive already, and that’s not even counting labour yet. Once you add labour costs, you’ll have a very serious tab on your hands. To save, you can always do things yourself. It’s not really that difficult. However, you do need to remember that there are guidelines to follow if you want your loft project to succeed.

Ok, you don’t read often. You are a real athlete, a gym enthusiast, and you want to use your attic for something different: have you considered a rock climbing gym? The natural features of the room will make it the ideal environment to practice this sport. Come on, weightlifting is so old-fashioned, let’s try something new.

For small lofts, try adding some mirrors. They will make the room more spacious. You can also add statement mirrors and turn them into focal areas of the room.

Is the pointing okay? What type of finish is there on the walls? Is it pebble dash, stone, brick or something else? Sometimes the finish that has been used will help to pinpoint the age of the property.

Try to choose a building company that can manage the full conversion for you. This will include liaising with the council, drawing up plans, undertaking structural calculations as well as the building work, plumbing, power and tiling. No matter how good the builder; there will be some disruption whilst the work is being carried out. However, once your attic conversion is done you can enjoy the extra space created within your home and going aloft will be a pleasure you can enjoy.

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